Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Release Day and Specials!

I'm happy to announce the release of my newest story, Assumption of Desire! It's only $2.99 direct from the publisher, All Romance Ebooks (where it already has a very nice reader review posted!), and (finally) Amazon.Com! Here's the blurb:
When Craig walks into the Cerulean Sphere looking for a one-night stand to enliven his business travel, he is definitely NOT looking for Jesse, a flaming twink sporting a pink feathered boa. But Craig finds himself surprised by the charmer, and is forced to reevaluate his initial impression of the young man, and to reconsider his prejudices. But when they meet again by surprise several years later, Craig puts his foot in it again, and Jesse won't hear a word of his apology. Will Craig be able to break through Jesse's hurt and finally say what he really means?

Intrigued? How about an excerpt?

"Hi! I'm Jesse!"

The pronouncement had come from Craig's right, issued from the full lips of a perky blond twink wearing eyeliner, a shirt so tight it might have been painted on, and -- God help him -- a pink feather boa. The twink was grinning at him, his wide blue eyes lingering on Craig's sculpted arms. "You're new."

Craig snorted. Craig had come into the Cerulean Sphere an hour earlier, following a stack of favorable online reviews and amusement at the name. In that time, he'd already been cruised by at least six men. One of them had been downright sleazy, two had been hoping for fresher meat, and the other three had failed to capture Craig's interest. He'd turned all of them away, but he thought he'd call any one of them back (well, except the sleaze) before he hooked up with this kid. "Know every queer in town, do you?"

"All of 'em that come here," Jesse answered. "So, are you new to town, or new to the scene?" For pity's sake, the boy actually had a slight affected lisp. He was a walking stereotype.

"Town," Craig admitted. "Here on business for a few weeks."

"Perfect," the twink said, running his fingers through his carefully-groomed, artfully-mussed, dirty-blond hair.

Craig turned pointedly back to the bar and his beer.

Jesse didn't get the message. He turned toward Craig and leaned against the bar, his lithe body bending in ways that Craig was pretty sure a spine was not meant to allow. One hand petted that ridiculous boa. In the mirror behind the bar, Craig watched Jesse checking him out. One of the few good things about spending a lot of time on the road was having plenty of time to work out in the hotel gym. Craig was no linebacker, but he was in pretty good shape. Once Jesse had looked his fill, he caught Craig's gaze in the mirror, Jesse's bright blue eyes striking sparks against Craig's dark hazel. "You wanna go in the back? You look like a man who could use a blow job."
Come on, you know you have to read it now!

And as if that wasn't enough, I'm included in this week's specials from Torquere! Of One Mind and Safe Harbor are both on sale for 20% off -- if you haven't read them yet, please take this opportunity to give them a try!


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