Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Getting Hairy

So far, no one has entered the contest for a copy of Assumption of Desire, which will be released in one week! I got my copy last night and read through the story again to check for any remaining errors, and I'd forgotten how much I like this story. It was hot and sweet and funny. I'm honestly a little shocked that I wrote it. And all you have to do to enter the contest for your own copy is comment on this post or on my Facebook page!


In other news... Well, no actual news yet, but I heard through the grapevine that the rejection notices had gone out for a military-themed anthology that I'd submitted a short to. Since I didn't get one, I'm guessing that I'm in... or at least on the short list to make it in. I'll be sure to let you know when I have something more definite!


And finally... I've been bitten by a werewolf.

No, really. I was flipping through a few submission calls, looking for something short I could work on while I let everything else percolate, and I found myself looking at a call for shifter-masquerade stories for a Torquere anthology. Now, I don't generally do shifter stories -- they've been done about to death and it's so hard to come up with something that will both satisfy reader expectations and be unique.

But I turned the notion over in my head for a bit anyway, like you do. And I wondered, why would a shapeshifter even want to go to a masquerade? And I started thinking about the purpose of masks, both literal and figurative. And then this quiet, diffident, and very closeted werewolf moved into my head and started telling me his story.

It's been one of those charmed stories, honestly. My schedule has been crazy for the last week, but each time I've sat down to work on this story, I've dumped out at least 1500 words. I'm at 5500 words now, and just hitting the climax (erm, so to speak). Another couple of good writing sessions and it should be ready for the polish and scrub, and then I can submit it!

Which would make it yet another story in a genre I haven't played with much, before. Here's hoping it turns out well!

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