Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Now Departing

I'm pleased to announce that I've had a story accepted for an anthology from Cleis Press from editor D. L. King. I'm especially pleased because this will be my first honest-to-gosh print publication!

Cleis also published Lynn's debut story, "Golden Moment", in their Steamlust anthology, and her "Garden Variety" will feature in Lustfully Ever After, so clearly they know good writing, which makes me especially excited to be included.

The upcoming anthology will be titled Seductress: Tales of Immortal Desire and is a collection of stories about succubi. My story is "Succubus, Inc." and it's quite a departure from my other published work in several ways: first, it's (mostly) from a female point of view; second, the erotic component is (mostly) hetero; and third and most critically (to my mind), it is most definitely in no way a romance. (If you're curious about those "mostly"s, all I can say is, you'll need to read it!)

And if that doesn't tempt you, I defy you to check out this table of contents and not find at least three titles that intrigue you:
  1. Harvest by Aurelia T. Evans
  2. A Surprising Summons by Kaysee Renee Robichaud
  3. Succubus, Inc. by Elizabeth Brooks
  4. In the Service of Hell by Michael M. Jones
  5. Before a Fall by Kannan Feng
  6. Street Hustle by V. K. Foxe
  7. Star Crossed by Evan Mora
  8. Zach’s Last Ride by Sasha Bukova
  9. Deliverance by Jay Lawrence
  10. Minions Have Needs Too by Anya Richards
  11. Sweet Tooth by Nan Andrews
  12. The Girl on the Egyptian Escalator by NJ Streitberger
  13. The Sorcerer’s Catch by Angela Caperton
  14. The Chapel by J.S. Wayne
  15. The Lonely Huntress by Mina Murray
  16. Neither Love Nor Money by Giselle Renarde
  17. Textual by Robin Tiergarten
  18. Succumb by Cynthia Rayne
  19. Moon Like a Sickle, Wind Like a Knife by Jean Roberta
  20. Phone Hex by Elizabeth Thorne
  21. Soaring by Kate Dominic
At least half of them have me curious and anxious to get the book in my hot little hands!

I don't have a cover yet, alas, or an official release date ("sometime in October" is all I can offer for now), but I'm sure both of those will come to me eventually, and when they do, I'll be sure to pass the news on to you!

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