He Loves Me For My Brainsss (as editor)
  • Affaire de Coeur: "...romantic, funny, sexy, and in some cases, even thought provoking." Note: This review was in the print-only edition of Affaire de Coeur; the link goes to a Goodreads echo of the review. (4/5)
"The Sinner's Star" from Ink
  • Amy at Joyfully Jay said, "...excellent writing across the board," (in reference to the anthology as a whole. "Sinner's Star" was not specifically rated in this review, but merited this mention: "...a sweet story about separated friends Dope and Rat would also merit a near perfect score."
Duty and Desire (featuring "Dead On Her Feet")
  • Publishers Weekly: "This touching and realistic lineup is highly recommended."
  • Christina Snow gave the anthology a B overall, and my story an A-, calling it "A beautiful coming home."
  • Night Owl Reviews calls the anthology a "concise and entertaining read." (4/5)
Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire (featuring "Succubus, Inc.")
  • Deana at Romancing the Book says, "...there is no bad story in this anthology. ...more than just power and hunger, and each author gives each one a unique flair." (5/5)
  • Mistress Kay at Pop My Cherry included "Succubus, Inc." as one of her four favorite stories in the anthology, and applauds the anthology as a whole as, "an erotica book that finds a new way of putting a female in charge and keeping the action sexy and arousing at the same time."
  • Karen Blue's Goodreads review called out "Succubus, Inc." as "...delicious story that ignited my imagination... The author nailed this story with a never-ending list of possibilities." (4/5)
  • Vanessa at Intense Sensations says, "I would really like to draw attention to the skill of these writers in being able to capture my attention and impress me so much with such very brief and fleeting stories." (5/5)
  • Helen at Midwest Book Review says, "...this is a seminal anthology of impressive literary merit and highly recommended..."
  • Amos Lassen calls it "some of the hottest and most literary erotica around" and promises, "The only thing that you might regret is that you are not a character in one of them."
  • Sacchi Green from Erotica Revealed says, "...anyone who is intrigued by the notion of succubus erotica will have their needs and highest expectations met here—and then some." (two thumbs up) Note - the review is the third on the linked page, about halfway down; there is no link that I could find to individual reviews.
"What You Are" from Masks Off!
  • Sirius at Amazon reviews calls it, "...a breath of fresh air". The same reviewer expands on the review at Jessewave with: "I really liked those few quirks the author added to her shifters and how they appeared. ...My heart absolutely broke for Cory in this one and I was very happy with the ending." (4/5)
  • Literary Nymphs gives the story (and the anthology) 4.5/5.
  • Joyfully Jay calls it, "a lovely story of redemption and new life and love." (5/5 story, 4.5/5 antho)
  • Rya at Hearts On Fire promises, "You will definitely NOT regret becoming a part in their stories." (4.5/5)
Assumption of Desire
  • Jenre at Brief Encounters says, "This short contained lots of things I adore in a story. ...I was hooked by page one." (B+)
  • From Lucy at Hearts On Fire: "It’s a quick, light, funny story with very likeable characters and a miscommunication that could actually occur. A very enjoyable read." (4/5)
  • Mrs Condit at Mrs. Condit's Reviews says, "This is a sweet, easy read with a lesson to teach. I liked the way Ms Brooks made four years fit into a short story without sacrificing any of the plot." (4/5)
Safe Harbor
  • Gabbi at Top2Bottom Reviews says, "I loved the descriptive and highly addictive way Ms. Brooks writes. I picked up this book thinking I would read a few chapters tonight and finish it later, not realizing I would become immediately caught up in the interesting lives of her characters, and not be able to put the book down until I finished it hours later. ...I loved this book!" (5/5)
"Of Sound Mind"
  • Donna at Dark Diva Reviews says "Elizabeth Brooks has written an intriguing story that shows how people can allow their fears to interfere with love and happiness..." (3.5/5)
  • Tam at Tam's Reads says: "I really enjoyed this one. The biological/emotional imperative to bond with your mate vs the fear that if you do, you could be condemning them to an early death worked well for me."
  • Kalyko at Black Raven Reviews said, "I'm quite intrigued by this world where psychic ability is the norm... Cool!"(3.5/5)
Of One Mind
  • Kiernan Kelly says, "...Of One Mind is an absorbing tale of love that had me from the first page. Brooks drew me into this unique universe quickly, and kept me riveted until the end, and then wishing for more. The characters tugged at my heart, and stayed with me long after the story ended. Don't miss it!"
  • From Jimbo of Rainbow Reviews: "...I enjoyed this fantasy tale, and was quickly pulled in to the strange world these people live in... [A]n original twist by the author that I found refreshing and very readable. (4/5 stars)"
  • B.D. Whitney of BookWenches says, "...I found this premise to be quite attention-grabbing and satisfyingly romantic, and Ms. Brooks effectively brings it to life. When her heroes come together telepathically for the first time, the scene is very sweet and sexy. ...Its combination of romance and danger kept me involved throughout the story, and I enjoyed its futuristic, sci fi ambiance. (3.75 out of 5)"
  • On Goodreads, Serena Yates says, "...I thoroughly liked the exploration of this futuristic society and its workings through Jereth's and Caris's eyes. (4/5 stars)"
  • Jenre at Jessewave says, "One part of the book which I liked a great deal was in the futuristic world-building. I was impressed by all the incidental details we get of how society works now that everyone has the ability to read the thoughts of others... [A]n enjoyable read... in an interesting and intriguing setting. If you like SF and futuristic stories, and want to read a story which is well written... then I would recommend Of One Mind. (3.75/5 stars)"
  • Lisa at Joyfully Reviewed says, "Of One Mind is a complex, fascinating romance... the characters and their romance definitely tug at the reader’s heartstrings." (Rated 4/5 stars at Amazon.Com)
  • Elisa Rolle gave this 5/5 stars at Amazon.Com!
  • Tam at Tam's Reads read the short story "Of Sound Mind" first and listed it as a favorite. On this book, Tam says, "I loved Caris and I have a soft spot for the abused poor waif... I really enjoyed it."