About the Author

Elizabeth L. Brooks is an author of erotic romance. She believes strongly that everyone -- in every world -- deserves to find their perfect love. Or loves. Check out the catalog to see which loves she's illuminated so far!

Elizabeth lives with her two beautiful children and an enormous cat in Williamsburg, VA, USA. She is not a full-time writer, holding down a Day Job as a manager at a small office belonging to a large corporation, and a small side-job as a proofreader and editor, but she squeezes in as much time to write as she can get away with (and possibly a little more than that).

Her influences are diverse, including (in no particular order) Neil Gaiman, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Mercedes Lackey, Neal Stephenson, Julia Quinn, Shel Silverstein, Lynn Townsend, Anne Rice, Glen Cook, B. A. Tortuga, Julia Talbot, Steven Brust, and Chris Owen among many, many others. She also is at least 95% certain there's at least one author on that list you haven't heard of before and should seek out.

Her safeword is Oxford comma.

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