Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cover Art and CONTEST!!

Check it out -- two posts in one day! I just got the cover art for "Assumption of Desire" and as my editor said, Ooh la la!

I love everything about this -- the linked hands, the feather boa (which I specifically requested -- you'll have to read the story to find out why!), even the font choices fill me with glee. (Seriously -- check out the way the 'f' in of manages to link the title's words and simulate the boa. I'm in love.)

There's a cover that does its job of making me want to read the story underneath... and I wrote the dang thing!

"Assumption of Desire" is scheduled for release from Torquere Press in two weeks. I think we should have a contest to celebrate, don't you?

Let's keep it simple: anyone who comments (on the blog, Livejournal, or Facebook fan page) between now and when "Assumption" is released will have a chance to win a copy of the story!


  1. Congrats on the new release! That's a nice cover. Whoever made it is very talented. Do you know how difficult it is to get that linked f effect? Especially how it's both under and over each letter? So not easy. Anywhoo...I would love to be entered to win a copy of the story. I want to know about the boa!

  2. OH I really like that cover. It makes me want to read the story :D Looking forward to it's release!

  3. You're in luck, Katherine -- release was today! :-)

  4. Countrygirl -- I love the linking. We have the very talented Alessia Brio to thank for the cover... and you were my winner! Email me and let me know where I can send your free copy of the story!