Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Swampy Waters

It's a good thing I finished my werewolf story when I did; immediately after I submitted it to the anthology I'd written it for, I had a world of work dumped on me.

A miscommunication dumped an editing job into my lap that had a shorter than usual schedule, resulting in my having precisely one week to edit a full novel. And then another short-schedule novel arrived in my inbox, this time for proofreading. There was Assumption of Desire's release last week. (By the way, countrygirlxxoo, you were my winner -- I messaged you but still haven't heard back... email me for your copy of the story!) That naturally involved spending a couple of days haunting Goodreads and Amazon.Com and other sites looking for reviews and ratings. I also signed up for a couple of promotional blog visits -- I spent yesterday at Torquere's blog (check it out; you definitely don't want to miss the hot pictures I posted!) and will be on their LiveJournal tomorrow!

(Assumption is being very well-received, in case you were wondering -- it's currently at a solid 4 stars on Goodreads, and 5 stars at All Romance Ebooks, where one reader review calls it "[a] quick, enjoyable read, with just enough drama and comedy for the short length." And if you follow my Facebook page, then you probably saw that it made one of Amazon's Top 100 lists!)

The Day Job dumped a bunch of work in my lap, too, of course, and then the home life has been mildly complicated by birthday parties and sleepovers and the approach of Easter with its need to acquire a variety of treats with which to fill my kids' baskets.

So I've been a little swamped, and the writing has taken a back seat to all the other stuff. Even on the nights I've had free and clear for writing, I've been too tired to write, and unwilling to start a new project when I can't really devote myself to it.

But there's a light at the end of the tunnel. The one-week edit is complete, and I'm pushing onward through the proofing job. The Day Job stuff is more or less in order, and there's a stack of candy and toys in my closet, hidden under old clothes. So I'm starting to give some thought to another submission call I heard a few weeks ago, this one for some super-shorts, under 1500 words, which strikes me as a fun challenge: how do I include plot and characterization and heat in only three pages? I've been noodling around an idea or two during idle moments, so we'll see how that goes.

So no real writing news from me this week. I'm fixin' to get ready to write, as they say, but not writing much at the moment. Still, the news on Assumption is good, and you definitely want to stop by Torquere's LiveJournal tomorrow, because I'm thinking of calling for prompts...

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