Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Oh, man, it's Wednesday again, and I don't have a thing to report.

The problem, I think, is that I've been fighting this extremely nasty cough for several weeks now. Coming up on a month, for petesake. I've been to the doctor three times, even, so it's not like I'm just being stubborn. This cough just does not want to let me go.

You know what's extremely unsexy? Coughing a lot. It's exhausting. My head hurts from the pressure buildup. My stomach aches from clenching those muscles. My throat is sore -- not from true symptoms, but from the constant abuse of the cough. And whether it's the illness or the Special Happy Fun cough syrup I've been taking, I'm exhausted all the time. I went home early from work two days last week, and all I did was go home and go to bed until nearly dinnertime -- then got up, ate, and went back to bed. I have no energy left over for anything like a sex drive.

And if I'm feeling unsexy myself, I certainly don't have the drive to motivate anyone else's sex life.

But never fear! I will come through with some entertainment... I send you onward to fellow author Rowan McBride's tumblr, where she posts all kinds of stuff. Lots of it is incredibly hot pictures, but lots of it is just downright interesting, wonderful, and fun. I mean seriously fun, check this one out:

Go ye forth, and check it out:

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