Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snippet, 2/13/12

Well, I thought about just going to bed early again last night, but managed to poke out about 1100 words, so you get a slightly spicy little snippet for your Valentine's Day enjoyment!

"Carter, I, um." Damn it, there he went again. Carter's eyes were on his, electric blue and coming closer. "Did Joey need me for something?"

"No," Carter said. He came to a halt, already well within David's personal space. "I did."

"Oh, uh. Um. What can I do for you?" David tried to take a step back, but found himself blocked by the table.

Carter took a brief but deliberate breath. "You smell nice today," he said, those eyes still on David's. "New cologne?"

David swallowed hard. "No," he stammered. "I mean, it's not-- That is, I'm not wearing anything."

Carter's eyebrows rose, exactly like Doctor Tentacle delivering a particularly naughty line of double entendre, and David's heart thumped so hard he was sure Carter would be able to hear it. "I mean, I'm not wearing any cologne. Or any. Um. Scent."

Carter's smile was slow and satisfied and predatory, and David's dick twitched in his jeans. "Excellent," Carter purred.

I do believe this story is nearly done... ;-)

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