Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I hope you're all taking prime advantage of Torquere's anniversary giveaways! (

Other changes are happening there, as well. The GM (er, that's general manager, not game master) looked at sales and determined that when Torquere releases short stories in conjunction with an anthology (that is, we release an anthology, and then we release all of the stories in the anthology separately as well, so readers have their choice of just buying the ones they want, or buying the whole collection) then both Torquere and the author make more money than when we release a short story by itself, or an anthology without the option of picking up the stories separately.

Why this is, I'm not sure. Possibly because doing the joint sale manages to hit both readers who like short stories and readers who like anthologies? No idea, but the numbers are pretty clear.

So the standalone short story is off the table, at least for now. For 2014, we're going to be offering only anthologies, one a month, and each release will offer the anthology as a whole, or the short stories individually.

And I am no longer the Sips (short story) Editor, but the anthology editor. Well, I'm still the Sips Editor now. The change won't happen until around mid-November, when I'm done editing the last of the December Sips. Which means that my "edited by..." credits are going to be getting quite a bit longer. (Because standalone stories of any length don't show an "edited by" credit, but anthologies do.) Or maybe I'll start calling myself the Editrix!

...Okay, probably not.

In case you're curious, the calls for the first eight anthologies (through August 2014) are up at Torquere's website, at

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