Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Free Books!

Guys. Guys.

September is Torquere Press' anniversary month, and this year, in honor of their tenth anniversary, instead of doing contests or drawings to celebrate, they've taken a simpler -- and more awesome -- approach.

They're giving it away.

Every day in September, for one hour each day, they will be making one of their most popular books completely free. The complete listing of books, and the date/time each will be available, is at:

Some notes:
  • Let me be clear, here -- these are not short stories, or the first few chapters of books. These are full-length novels.
  • Nothing I've written is in the list, alas, primarily because I don't have any full-length novels out (yet). But hey, when you're picking up the free book, there's no reason you can't also pick up something of mine!
  • You do have to get them directly from Torquere's website; it simply isn't possible to coordinate this kind of thing with all the distributors. But there are benefits to having an account with them anyway: Books you buy directly from Torquere come with all the available file formats, so you don't have to worry about losing them if you decide to switch from a Nook to a Kindle or whatever. Torquere is almost always running a sale of some sort for 15-20% off. And when you buy directly from Torquere, the authors get a bigger chunk of the royalties, which doesn't do much for you directly but certainly helps keep your favorite authors fed and able to keep writing!
  • The giveaway hour each day rotates, so whatever corner of the globe you're on, you're sure to be able to snag at least a couple of books while you're awake! (Of course, that means that whatever corner of the globe you're on, at least a couple will come up while you're asleep, too, so check the listing and see if you need to set any alarms!)
  • Note: All the listed times are CST. If you don't live in the CST timezone, adjust accordingly. Don't blame me if you set your clock wrong!
  • If you follow them on Twitter ( or on Facebook ( they will be posting reminders and announcements shortly before each book is released, so you may want to follow/like them if you think that would be helpful. 
Thirty days of free books; how awesome is that? I know my TBR list is about to get a lot longer...

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