Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I'm back! I took last week off for Thanksgiving, and quite a good holiday it was for me, despite some peculiar car trouble and then my house's heater giving up the ghost.

Nothing particularly exciting is happening today, so I thought I'd just drop a few little notes for you.

To start with: Next week will be the release of Ink from Torquere Press, including my story, "The Sinner's Star".

If I could write a blurb for "Sinner's Star", it would go something like this:
Five years ago, Dope's best friend, Rat, died as they were fleeing the scene of a crime they'd helped commit -- or so he thought. But now Rat's turned up on Dope's doorstep with a new tattoo, a .45, and a grudge... against Dope!
Tune in next week for the official release and some excerpts from the story!


Next up: If you recall, the amazing Kristina Wright had set up a blog for Duty and Desire; my interview is live now, so check it out:


And finally: You guys, Brainsss is starting to pull together, and I couldn't be more excited if I'd written all these stories myself! They're so good. I seriously can't wait!

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