Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bloglink and Begging

Hey there! In celebration of the official release of Duty and Desire, the editor -- the lovely and talented Kristina Wright -- has put together a blog for it! She'll be posting interviews with the authors throughout the month, links of interest, and running specials and contests! (Right now: buy Duty and Desire and get another of Kristina's books for free!)

Check it out at !

And now for the begging...

I am one stupidly busy person. I have a full-time Day Job. I have two kids. I am a part-time editor for two different publishers (and my part-time editing for Torquere is becoming a much bigger part of my time as I step into the Sips editor role). I'm a writer. And I try, every so often, to have a social life.

It's not easy balancing all those things. Every one of them has suffered at one point or another, and every day, I have to make some hard decisions about how to rank those priorities, and I don't always make the right decision.

This is where I need your help -- and it won't even take that much out of you, I promise! Ready? Here it is:

Have you read something I've written? Please go and rate it. Rate it at Amazon or at Goodreads or wherever you bought it. A review with words would be even better, but that takes time and I get that's a lot to ask, after you've already gifted me with the time it took to read my story. But please, please, please post the simple star rating.

Be honest about it -- that's important. If you didn't like the story that much, go ahead and give it a lower rating. Give it the rating you think it deserves; I promise I won't be offended, and it will still help me. Seriously. The way ratings systems work, bad reviews are better than no reviews.

And as a bonus, as reviews and ratings roll in, I get a better feel for what my readers like, which helps me weigh and juggle those constantly-shifting priorities.

Thank you!

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