Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall For A Seductress

Yesterday was the official release for Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire, available in both print and Kindle formats from Amazon.Com and other resellers. The print book is up at Barnes and Noble, but they don't have a listing for it on the Nook yet. I assume that will happen eventually.

The book contains my story, "Succubus, Inc.", about Lucy, CEO of a highly successful adult entertainment service, and Richard Field, a client who's fallen behind on his payments. In celebration of the release, here's an excerpt:

"But... what do you expect me to do? I just told you, there's nothing left!" Field's anger has drained in the face of his sudden hopelessness.

Lucy lets the moment stretch, wanting Field to absorb every nuance of his damnation. She flips slowly through his file without actually reading it, watching him sidelong as the quiet rustle of the turning pages urges him to despair. Finally, when she can see he is verging on true desperation, she says, "Because you have been such an exemplary client in the past, Mr. Field, we are prepared to offer certain... nonmonetary payment options."

Field looks up, wary. "What kind of options?"

Lucy smiles. "Employment, of a sort. Jasmine, please take Mr. Field to the Executive Suite while I put the release package together for him to sign."

"Of course, Ms. Morgenstern."

"What kind of release package?" Field is struggling to stand again.

Lucy comes smoothly to her feet. In her heels, she is taller than him by an inch or so, and Field shrinks into himself a little, unconsciously, as he looks up at her. "It's all very standard," she assures him. "Succubus has a highly successful video line of 'real-life' encounters. Go on with Jasmine, and when I join you shortly, we can go over it in as much detail as you like."

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