Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Duty and Desire Cover!

Whoops, the cover I posted before for Duty and Desire has been changed. I can't complain, though -- much as I liked the other cover, I like this one even better!

Isn't that just delicious? Still no actual relation to my story, which is about a female soldier, but the punching bag and taped hands give it the same vibe as the introduction to Captain America in The Avengers, which I'm mildly obsessed with, so I heartily approve.

(This might be where I sheepishly confess one of the reasons I haven't written in way too long is that some nontrivial portion of my writing brain is fixated on a story about the Cap that is so horrifyingly Mary Sue that it must not be allowed to ever see the light of day. And yet...)


Ahem. I was talking about Duty and Desire. Right. Anyway, the Table of Contents has been updated slightly, too, so take a gander and tell me a few of these story titles don't make you curious!

Introduction: Beyond the Uniform
The Long Ride Home - Delilah Devlin
Night Witch - Connie Wilkins
Shattered - Shanna Germain
The Grunt and the Ditty Bop - Craig J. Sorensen
Fighting for Fresno - Ericka Hiatt
Homecoming - Kelly Maher
Passing Out Passion - Lucy Felthouse
Against the Wall - Catherine Paulssen
The Thunder of War - Anya Richards
Sergeant Rae - Sacchi Green
Dead on Her Feet - Elizabeth L. Brooks
Out of Time - J.K. Coi
Done - Charlotte Stein
Wilco - Christine d’Abo
Christmas Presents - Mercy Loomis
Snake Dance - Lynn Townsend
Home - Michelle Augello-Page
For Better or Worse - Kristina Wright

And -- as if that wasn't enough -- Kristina, the editor, says that while Amazon is still listing this as being released in November, she thinks it will actually come out in September. I'll let you know as soon as I have something concrete!

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