Wednesday, July 2, 2014

News and Art

As always I have no excuse whatsoever for my long silence.

But! I do have a reason -- several reasons, in fact! -- for my abrupt return!

Item the First:
I entered a contest over on Tumblr (feel free to look me up, but be aware that I use my Tumblr account primarily to talk about fanfic and lust obsess over Marvel movies and comics). Where was I? Oh, yes: I entered a contest. And, somewhat surprisingly, won.

What I won was an art commission, and so after looking carefully at the artist's work, I asked her to make me a painting of Taisiya, the kitsune-like fox-demon from Foxfur. She sent it to me this week, and it's so gorgeous I actually, literally started crying when I saw it. (Click on the picture to embiggen.)

She does fantastic work, especially her animals, and if you're at all in the market for original art, please let me highly recommend popping over to her Tumblr page and shooting her a query.

Item the Second:
A Princess Bound was released last month, and is now available in both ebook and print formats! (That link goes to Amazon, but it's also available from other retailers.) Among a lot of really amazing stories, the collection contains my tale, "The Dancing Princess".

Item the Third:
Just last week, I signed a contract with Hot Ink Press for "(Why Don't You) Come Between Us", a m/m/m story that invaded my brain and demanded to be written. It's currently scheduled for publication in January 2015, so you'll be hearing more about that as the date draws nearer! For now, and briefly -- it's a story about polyamorous relationship negotiation. And also really hot sex, of course!

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