Wednesday, October 5, 2011


After several weeks (and weekends!) of Day Job interference, I finally took most of two days off to recuperate, and I spent both mornings sitting at Panera writing. And I wrote some on Monday night, too. I learned that I'm only good for about three hours of writing before I need to take a good long break, which is good information to have.

And in those two days, I busted out nearly 4000 words. It felt great. I left the characters teetering on an edge, and it'll probably be a few days before I get back to them, but that should give me some time to headwork the big argument scene that's looming. And once we get past that, it'll just be a sex scene and then an epilogue for denouement, and it'll be ready to rest and polish! I could have this chippy ready to submit by the end of the month!

Since I'm feeling so happy about it, how about a little taste or two? (Do keep in mind that this is unpolished, unedited writing, and may change significantly before submission, never mind publication.)

And as always, if you leave me a few prompt words in the comments, I'll post flashfic on Friday!



"Hi! I'm Jesse!"

The pronouncement had come from Craig's right, issued from the full lips of a perky blonde twink wearing eyeliner, a shirt so tight it might have been painted on, and -- God help him -- a pink feather boa. The twink was grinning at him, his wide blue eyes lingering on Craig's sculpted arms. "You're new."

Craig snorted. "Know every queer in town, do you?"

"All of 'em that come here," Jesse answered easily. "So are you new to town, or new to the scene?" God help him, the boy actually had a slight affected lisp. He was a walking stereotype.

"Town," Craig admitted. "Here on business for a few weeks."

"Sweet," the twink said, running his fingers through his carefully-groomed dirty-blonde hair.

Craig turned pointedly back to the bar and his beer.

Jesse didn't get the message. He turned toward Craig and leaned against the bar, his lithe body bending in ways that Craig was pretty sure a spine was not meant to allow, one hand petting that ridiculous boa. Those big blue eyes looked down Craig's body, then flickered up to his face. "So, wanna go in the back? You look like a man who could use a blow job."

Craig rolled his eyes. He didn't consider himself particularly picky, but he'd encountered this type before: self-absorbed, vain, and pushy, he was likely a prima donna and a drama queen, obsessed with sex but to focused on his own pleasure to actually be any good at it, and too empty-headed to have any redeeming qualities outside the bedroom. This flashy, pushy, shallow boy was everything Craig was definitely not interested in. "Are you even legal?"


(This next one is a rather heavy R, so I'm putting it behind the jump break. NSFW!)

After much giggling negotiation (and a quick head-count) it was decided that each guest present would be allowed to deliver one spank to the birthday boy.

"But wait," Shannon protested, grinning, "that's only eighteen! Who'll finish him off?"

Some ribald ribbing accompanied her choice of words, along with a chorus of volunteers.

"Now hang on," Craig heard himself interject, "it's his birthday. Maybe Jesse should get to pick who gives him those last few smacks. After he's had a chance to sample everyone's efforts."

The suggestion was afforded a wild round of whistling and stamping that handily drowned out all other ideas.

Jesse crowed, "I like the way you think, handsome! Just for that, you can be first!" Jesse threaded the crowd to stand before Craig and then turned, thrusting his tight, round bottom out toward Craig. He looked back over his shoulder, blue eyes sparkling like an autumn afternoon as his friends whistled and cheered.

Lust uncurled low in Craig's belly, surprising him in its intensity. The noise faded into a background hum. Craig met Jesse's eyes and found a similar hunger lurking behind the mischievous grin.

Craig reached out and laid his hand on Jesse's ass, feeling its curve, the firmness of the muscle, the soft divot that marked the transition from glute to thigh. Jesse's mouth parted and his eyes fluttered closed, and the wanting squirmed in Craig's innards. He wanted more from Jesse, suddenly, than the quick blow job that had been promised at their first meeting. Quite contrary to his initial assumption, Craig realized this boy would be amazing in bed: responsive and vocal and wanton. He wanted to explore every inch of Jesse's body and discover its secrets. He wanted to dissolve Jesse's affectations in sheer ecstasy and reveal the real man hidden underneath to fulfill the promise of that blissful expression.

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