Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Assorted Updates

Hah, I almost forgot to post today! It's been a crazy few days -- Hurricane Irene dragged her skirts right over my house. It didn't do any significant damage to my property, thank goodness, but we've been without power since Saturday afternoon. Which really puts a crimp in my ability to write, especially since I was hoarding battery power on my phone and iPad until my office got power back Monday afternoon.

I have some vague hope that we'll see power back today -- the power company's daily list of work sites includes at least four locations near my neighborhood -- so I'm trying to get things back to normal, more or less.

I found myself really itching to write yesterday, in fact, so after everyone was in bed last night, I sat in the dark with my iPad and my flickering candles and did some work on the current WIP. Nothing major -- I was attempting a simple read-through and wound up pausing to fix a few mistakes I'd made and straighten up some awkward spots.

Then I took a break to check my email and discovered an invitation from Torquere to join their editing team (as opposed to simply proofing, which I've been doing for... about a year, now? Ish?). I'm enough of a word-nerd that the offer made me squee with excitement. Editing is a tougher job than merely proofing, with more responsibility and cat-author-herding, but it's something I'd love to do, so of course I said yes. I'm really looking forward to it!

Yes, I may well be slightly insane.

Despite dipping my toes into the WIP last night, I'm still not sure I like it. I can't tell if it's too dry, if I'm telling instead of showing too much, if the characters' emotions are even remotely accessible...

I might need to shelve it (yet again -- this is the third or fourth attempt for this story) and pick up another project. I wonder if I could get one of my old prompt stories to grow legs and stretch to a decent short-story length. Or I could work on any one of a dozen ideas I've jotted down... I just need to pick one.

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